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Opening Scene
March 14, 2010, 2:30 am
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Black screen… credits…

hear voice saying  “You know… I can still remember the days before “(insert name here) Day”… we all can…well maybe not Jackie. Im just kidding if you ever hear this you know… Anyways, even though I was only 5, I can actually still remember the day it happened…, the day that began our war… maybe we should have listened…” Zoom out from tv, turns on…

Enters door… P1 where the hell you find this place… is it even safe go in? (Camera, now zoomed out of tv, pans around a corner to a back door attached to an old style kitchen) P2 Oh shush, this is my home, course it’s safe dimwit. P1 Holy crap, it’s like an antique museum in here. You don’t even have a blah… how the hell do u survive without a blah? P2 Shut up, I told you it was old… it’s just a different lifestyle… P1 By old I thought u meant u were poor and didn’t have the money to buy the latest and greatest… I didn’t know you didn’t have much money because you spent it on the last remaining relics of eons ago. Gives discusted look at P1. Anyways, this is my son main… main… these are my friends can u say hi to them “hi (smiles)”. P1 Hey buddy… how are… something wrong with your tv? P2, what do you mean? P1, I mean it’s not working… hell… ive never seen one do that before… Dont tell me you made it an ancient artifact too to match everything, god forbid you have some technology….P2… ha.. ha… Ill have you know that it took me a long time to invent that… you know how hard it is to take all the functionality out of it and refocus the beams to make that… I mean, no ones ever created one… P1 noone ever would… it looks terrible… why would you do something like that to such a great piece of technology? If Id had known I woulda smacked you on the head… P1… I did it for my son… I got a hold on some of the shows from back in the day… my grandfather had them when he passed away. It was a great inspiration to me… so I kept them for my son… to one day inspire him. P1 touching… “Space… the final frontier… these are the…” P2 I have all these “star trek” shows and these “stargate” ones… P1 You know there’s real space ships just 20,000K up eh? P2… ya, but you know the shows that are on nowadays… I wanted him to grow up with something, more… P1, ya ya, i get ya…. So, where’s this mega-theatre you have… pls don’t tell me you’ve overstated it and it’s just a collection… P2 no no, I haven’t given up all our technological advances…. you kidding me? It’s back here….

“star trek theme music plays for a short time and show’s title for movie appears”,

What the hell’s that? I don’t know….

 explosion heard in background… screaming…. sirens… fades to black….

(Door ringer rings, onboard ship) M come in. Sir we have a situation… they’re coming….


So… a new blog :)
March 14, 2010, 2:15 am
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Well, not so much a blog as it is a collection of my thoughts as I go through creating stuff. My first project (and prob only) will be my sci-fi series, which I havent even come up with a name for (Im really bad at titles). Along with that, Im not the best at expressing my thoughts, or getting down to the nitty gritty scripts.

So more about this idea. I actually first daydreamed this idea way way back when I was still in elementary school, usually using my pencils for ships and the desk as a kinda mega ship (ya I was a bored child in school). It has just grown from there into now a 6 movie, 5 season mega series which I’d have no way of making in my lifetime (heck, even if I won the lottery I dont know the ins and outs of the business so…). Ive decided it’s no use keeping it in my head, time to just start publishing and see where it leads me (course dont want to publish whole thing… nobody’s stealing my idea without first asking). Ive already started writing it all down from my head into word… where’s it’s grown to 6 pages in 8 point font. That’s just a brief summary too… havent even gotten to the nitty gritty… tho dont think I can without some help.

It would definately require a large budget, but I think it could be the next big thing that people flock to see. It combines sci-fi goodness, with lots of theories about our universe, opens the minds of viewers, and has a large character relationship storyline as well. It combines everything that people want to see, in a series that has endless possibilities. Also, the idea would be to grab a whole new set of actors, turn them into stars and bring in more talent into the scene (kinda like the recent star trek movie). A lot of recent inspiration has come from the Stargate series, and although it has little to do with it, it would incorporate some aspects of it (maybe even start a new stargate series if the producers of such decided to). Ive only written the base idea down… where it goes with the details is totally up in the air for now and the possibilities are endless.